Modern days

Thanks to our authentic recipe and outstanding 7 times distillation process, Vektor Vodka is known to be a Lux class spirit with exquisite smoothness, unparalleled clarity, texture and luminescence. Choose Vektor – your spirit of victory.

Birthplace of vodka

Vektor Vodka is distilled 7 times from Russian Winter Wheat, using artesian spring water from local aquifers. Original vodka has always been made from rye, so we keep our formula authentic.  Our distillery is located in Zolotonosha, Ukraine, which is one of the birthplaces of vodka.Rumor has it that the Vektor recipe is based on the authentic Cossack journals, who used to live in the region. Perhaps their writings were lost during combat, in the attempts to reclaim the Castle of Yarema Vishnevetsky, where all of the taxes, collected from the numerous estates, were stored. This may be the reason that the city is named Zolotonosha, which means “bringing gold”.